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Waterproof Horn Adopts Metal Material Design And Manufacture
Oct 17, 2017

Reliable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly waterproof horn to meet the needs of people of all directions.

Waterproof horn is how waterproof and explosion-proof

Waterproof property:

After water pouring, flooding, rain, moist air erosion, waterproof horn pick up the sound function will not be damaged,

Generally dealt with in two areas,

First, the use of waterproof microphone head to protect the microphone function, Waterproof Speaker because the microphone is open to the outside world to collect sound sources.

Second, the waterproof horn molding design, in addition to the microphone outside the waterproof horn internal structure, Waterproof Speaker especially the circuit part, completely sealed.

In view of the general situation, the monitoring of waterproof horn will be in accordance with the high Place and install rain mask, so the possibility of flooding is not large, Waterproof Speaker the demand for moisture is more prominent.

Explosion-proof Property:

Avoid a waterproof horn by malicious violence, so that the sound of the function is ineffective.

Generally the material on the shape of the airtight design to deal with.

Take the metal material, do not open the shape design.

The waterproof horn accepts the Telegraph number issued by the media player or receiver and converts it to audible sound waves using a loudspeaker close to the ear. Headphones are generally separable from media players and are connected by a plug. The advantage is to listen to the stereo alone without affecting others, Waterproof Speaker or to separate the sound of the surroundings and to help people who use it in noisy environments such as recording studios, DJs, journeys, and sports. Headphones are used for telephones and radios, Waterproof Speaker but with the prevalence of portable electronic devices, headphones are used for mobile phones, Walkman and radios. Portable video game and digital audio player and so on.