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Waterproof Horn Adopts Metal Material Design
Oct 26, 2017

Waterproof horn, including the casing, horn, wherein the casing is provided with a number of sound holes, the horn is locked on the casing by screws, which is characterized in that a waterproof rubber is filled in the gap formed between the horn and the casing. Preferably, Waterproof Speaker a waterproof rubber in the same horizontal surface as the sound hole is arranged in a way that surrounds the sound hole. Preferably, a first raised rib position is arranged on a waterproof rubber with the sound hole at the same horizontal surface. Preferably, Waterproof Speaker the first raised rib position is one circle. Preferably, a second convex rib is arranged on the side of the waterproof rubber perpendicular to the plane of the sound hole. Preferably, the second raised rib position is two circles. Compared with the existing technology, as the utility model of the horn and casing between the filling with waterproof rubber, Waterproof Speaker through the plastic deformation of rubber, can be achieved between the horn and the chassis of the tight, and rubber on the set of convex rib, waterproof effect is better, and easy to disassemble and repair.

Waterproof horn is how waterproof and explosion-proof

Waterproof property:

After water pouring, flooding, rain, moist air erosion, Waterproof Speaker pickup sound function will not be damaged,

Generally dealt with in two areas,

First, the use of waterproof microphone head to protect the microphone function, Waterproof Speaker because the microphone is open to the outside world to collect sound sources.

Second, the design of the pickup is sealed, except for the internal structure of the pickup, especially the circuit part, which is completely sealed.

In view of the general situation, the monitoring pickup will be in accordance with the high Place and install rain mask, so the possibility of flooding is not large, Waterproof Speaker the demand for moisture is more prominent.

Explosion-proof Property:

To prevent the pickup from malicious violence, so that the sound regain function is ineffective.

Generally the material on the shape of the airtight design to deal with.

Take the metal material, Waterproof Speaker do not open the shape design.