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The Speaker Has Changed The Speaker's Pronunciation Effect
Oct 17, 2017

A speaker is an electronic device that converts an electrical audio signal to a sound.

The use of speakers:

1, the sound to deal with, Speakers so that the distortion of the sound becomes smaller, make it more beautiful and pleasant.

2. The sound wave and sound field are dealt with, Speakers so that the voice is not weak but enhances the effect of vocalization.

3, changed the speaker's pronunciation effect, so that the sound through the speaker resonance after strengthening the sound quality.

The speaker itself charming is his tone control, you do not have to compress the case, you will find that the piano, the right hand is also very important, you want to be very sweet, the timbre, Speakers the intensity is how, to the particle sense of how, These are the time to test your right hand. Look at Old Joe sometimes the piano is small distortion when the sudden distortion of the big, and there is a rush out of the feeling, this is the charm of the speaker, small force when the play, will be very sweet, force a bit, the distortion came out, Speakers Use such a means to control the expression of their harps. This is the speaker after a long time you understand the speaker, and then practice. The control, plus the volume control of the guitar itself, Can make a lot of frequency bands of the timbre. These are the parts that are never used by the synthesizer, so a lot of people when you really give you a good split-body speaker, Speakers you need to see if you have the power to control it.

The speaker is the whole sound system of the terminal, its role is to convert audio power into the corresponding sound energy, and to radiate it to space. It is a very important part of the sound system, with the task of turning electrical signals into audible signals for human ears to listen directly.

The audible part of the speaker is the speaker, but why use the speaker instead of the speaker?

The reason for the existence of the enclosure is the purpose of the box-mainly to prevent the speaker vibration film Front and back of the acoustic signal directly form the loop, resulting in only a small wavelength of high school frequency sound can be spread out, Speakers while the other sound signal is superimposed off the offset.

The physical model of the speaker is to open a hole in an infinitely large rigid barrier plate, install the loudspeaker, so that the sound signal on the front and back of the loudspeaker will not form a loop, resulting in a sonic loop.

But in practice, the speaker is impossible to make infinite, so people in the rear of the speaker with a barrier plate to form a closed space to ensure the positive transmission of acoustic waves.

Following the problem: Speaker airtight due to atmospheric pressure, Speakers the box is more conducive to low-frequency voice reduction, so the volume of the general speaker is based on the speaker size of the bass unit to calculate a compromise data.