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The Construction Technology Of Waterproof Speakers
Jan 14, 2017

Professional speakers waterproof adopted the following two ways: 1, all wrapped in fiberglass outer surface of the tank, wait until after the FRP dry, polishing, painting, painting 3-4 times you want, this box can do waterproof performance and retain the original surface. 2, the other an advanced water treatment was repeated brushing on a plywood box waterproof plastic resin varnish gums, watertight box paint penetrates into the splint can add box sealing, box can also have deeper levelsof protection. Tank thoroughly air-dry the paint, polishing and painting processes,also retains the original surface of the speakers. Horn also technical waterproof, not simply apply some waterproof glue line, after regular glue smearing, will affectthe damping of the speaker, thus affecting the Horn's sound. Front-panel screens require the use of professional waterproof sponge, so as not to rain soaked and decay for a long time. Speaker plug and the socket must be sealed by a plastic glass.

In terms of professional speakers waterproof, audio companies such as Guangzhou Jin HO in the waterproof speaker products better, again part of the Angel of music audio products, mostly by successive brush waterproofing varnish gums so that it penetrates into so as to better effect in the body, its advantages are durable, resistant to breakage, corrosion resistance and so on. Apply complex technology of waterproof varnish gums, high technological content and relatively high cost, processing time is generally 7-10 day.