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Development Of Waterproof Speakers
Jan 14, 2017

Domestic waterproof speaker is about rise in 2000, using classification can be divided into: public broadcasting and professional sound reinforcement boxes for boxes:

Public radio waterproof speakers

Public radio boxes for indoor and outdoor use cases, generally used for background music, outdoor plastic rockery, column and other different shapes. Waterproofing treatment of public broadcasting is the box of plastic processing, indoor ceiling speaker more and more with shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, Government and other public places. The Horn structure itself to decide, together with public broadcasting is the constant pressure, so the overall power not great, soundpressure is relatively small, dynamic is also small, only to meet the effects of background music.

Professional sound waterproof speakers

Professional amplified voice box waterproof case classification, there are two types: one is a professional plastic box box box made of plastic materials, waterproofing OK, but most of the speakers power, tone flat, not plywood box speakers the sound quality. II is now on the market to use more specialty plywood waterproof box speakers. Higher-end is mainly used in a plywood box import Finland Birch made from sheets of waterproof case, but speakers of imported plywood costs are too high, most domestic manufacturers mainly use domestic Birch or other woodmaterials. Waterproof speaker is primarily done on case material for reprocessing.