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Desktop Speakers Are The Most Widely Used
Oct 26, 2017

Desktop speakers, commonly known as horn, is a kind of converting electrical signals into sound signals, usually when we watch TV at home or listen to music, the device that emits sound is a desktop speaker. The sound principle of a desktop speaker is this: when the electrical signal from the amplifier is passed through the voice coil of the desktop speaker, the ring produces alternating magnetic fields, which, Desktop Speaker together with the magnets, vibrate the vibrating film and the paper basin of the desktop speaker, and resonate with the ambient air to produce a sound.

The working principle of the desktop loudspeaker can be divided into electric type, electromagnetism type, electrostatic type, piezoelectric type, ionic type, flame type and so on, Desktop Speaker electric type has the ring type, the application is most extensive.

The choice and setting of a desktop speaker is to set a sound for events in the system, and the system automatically prompts the user for a sound when the event is activated, depending on the user's settings. The steps for selecting a desktop speaker are as follows:

1. In the Control Panel window, double-click the Sound and Audio Devices icon to open the sound and Audio Devices Properties dialog box, Desktop Speaker which provides the means to check the configuration of the desktop speaker environment. This dialog box contains a total of 5 tabs for volume, sound, audio, speech, and hardware.

2. In the Sound tab, all sound events in the current windows are displayed in the Program Events list box. If there is a "small horn" flag in front of the sound event, it indicates that the sound event has a sound prompt. To set sound prompts for sound events, select a sound event in the Program Events list box, Desktop Speaker and then select the sound file you want from the sound Drop-down list as a sound tip.

3. If the user is not satisfied with the sound file provided by the system, you can click the Browse button to eject the Browse Sound dialog box. Select the sound file in the dialog box and click OK to return to the Sounds tab.

The size of the desktop speaker is naturally larger, the better, the large-caliber bass desktop speakers can be in the lower part of the performance, which can be selected in the purchase. Speakers made with High-performance desktop speakers mean lower transient distortion and better sound quality. The loudspeaker of the ordinary multimedia speaker subwoofer is more than $number inches. Speakers made with High-performance desktop speakers also mean lower transient distortions and better sound quality.

A desktop speaker is a transducer that converts electrical signals into sound signals. Audio power emits sound through electromagnetic, piezoelectric, or electrostatic effects, Desktop Speaker which vibrate the paper basin or diaphragm and resonate with the ambient air.