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CES Audio Technology Watch Focus
Dec 06, 2017

Looking at the audio industry in 2017, the two words, wireless and smart, can be said to be the main theme of the whole industry. Subdivided, the all-wireless bluetooth headset, led by apple's AirPods, is driving a new pattern in the global wireless headset market. Part of the reason, of course, is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which has led to the rapid development and popularity of wireless headphones. Specializing in speaker market, voice interaction and intelligent algorithm of intelligent speakers outbreak of products is also in this year, and gradually become a smart home entrance, through with numerous intelligence hardware linkage. AI, which sounded a little distant last year, seems to have been fully into our lives this year.

Has come to the end of 2017, in a twinkling of an eye and into 2018, as the technology of our most notable is CES in Las Vegas (the world's largest consumer technology exhibition). For the audio industry, what new technologies and new sights will be seen in CES in 2018? Here, we might as well take a look at first by the organisers of the CES - the us consumer technology association (CTA) ® has formally announced at CES 2018 award for best innovative products category (audio) award-winning products. Through these award-winning products, we can predict some mainstream trends of the audio industry in 2018.

(PS: each product category of CES is a three-person panel of judges, and the jury is made up of highly reputable designers, engineers and media people in the industry. The judges will assess the product's industrial design, appearance, function, consumer appeal and market competitiveness to determine the final winners. The winning products will be displayed in the exhibition area of the innovation award at CES 2018 from January 9 to 12, 2018.

The Mars headset is the world's first smart full-wireless headset that is tightly integrated with the artificial intelligence platform Clova. This product not only has excellent sound quality, but also provides instant translation functions (including English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Spanish/French, etc.). It's worth noting that Mars, unlike other translation headphones, does not require any additional devices, as long as the two of them can connect to each other and use instant translation. At the same time, Mars' noise reduction function can effectively reduce the disturbance of ambient noise to maintain clear speech recognition.

Nuraphone is the world's first headset to automatically learn and adapt to the unique hearing of users. It allows users to put more experiences on music. The product's innovative ear structure allows for a deep bass effect while retaining clear timbre.

BeoSound Shape, as a wall-mounted modular wireless speaker system, can combine high quality and customized modeling. The shape of the hexagon ceramic tile can be placed at any position and adjust the size to meet the user's demand. Users can customize the size, shape, color, and even sound quality. Each "tile" can be used as a speaker.

A&ultima SP1000 is the flagship product of astell &kern, which USES dual DAC chipsets and oc-core CPU processors. The player USES a borderless design, a 5-inch hd display with a redesigned overall UI and a unique audio-visual experience through both stainless steel and copper.

In this year, the smart speaker can be said to have a full outbreak, but the actual market penetration rate is not high. On the one hand, the user experience based on network setting and voice interaction is far from mature; By industry, on the other hand, fry up beneath the interconnection of all things and the intelligent household ecosystem far too advanced, the family of the majority of users don't have much intelligent devices can be linkage and intelligent speakers. In 2018, whether the smart speaker can be popularized quickly in the consumer market, solving the above two problems will be crucial. Of course, I hope to see smart speaker products based on more mature interactive experiences and algorithms at CES next year.