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The difference between Bluetooth versions
Dec 06, 2017

The 2.0 speaker is the most traditional design

The original design of the multimedia speaker is only the sound of the left and right boxes, so called the 2.0 speaker, it is now also known as the bookcase speaker. The 2.0 speakers are generally two identical cubes, one of which has a built-in amplifier circuit and the other one is called a sub-speaker box. The speakers usually have a two-point design, and each speaker has a high-pitched unit and a middle bass unit.

The material of the 2.0 speaker is exquisite, the demand for the work is high, so its price is also more expensive, the commonly used 2. 2 sound box is more expensive than the 2.1 speakers cost several hundred yuan. It is generally believed that its sound quality exceeds 2.1. In particular, the middle - frequency aspect, is any x.1 sound box can't match.

Installed users love 2.1 speakers

As family entertainment has escalated, many families have used their computers to build their own digital cinema systems. There is a growing demand for multichannel, especially in terms of bass performance, and the 2.0 speaker is clearly not enough to meet people's needs.

2.1 the speakers are based on the 2.0 speaker box, which increases the desktop area in order to reduce costs. The speakers are usually made up of an independent woofer, commonly known as a low-pitched sound, and two satellite units. 2.1 speakers generally at the bottom of the bass speakers are placed within the power amplifier circuit, some high-end speakers, adopts the split type power amplifier design, so that you can avoid power amplifier circuit electromagnetic interference of the bass speaker. The bass of the speaker is excellent, but the middle tone is not as good as the 2.0 speaker. Therefore, it is more suitable for use in movies and games.

This type of speaker is completely different from the 2.0 speaker in the internal structure. Most of its frequency points are below 300Hz, because the frequency is in the spectrum of the human voice, and if you listen closely to the bass unit, you can still hear the voices. For a friend who has no need for sound quality, playing games or not listening to music and so on is also very suitable for the use of 2.1 speakers.

Professional enthusiasts prefer 2.0 speakers

So despite the high price tag, many enthusiasts will opt for 2.0. With the increase of user requirements and the 2.1 speaker market, now the medium-to-high grade 2.0 multimedia speakers from the technology, the product quantity has been developed to a high level, not only in quality, gaining increased at the same time, also become with traditional Hi - Fi speakers more close to or even in some high-end products has become difficult to distinguish.

The difference between the 2.0 speaker and the 2.1 speakers

The general 2.0 speakers are divided into two divider, high frequency and medium low frequency. The speaker can be seen by opening the speaker box. The above is the output high frequency signal, and the large loudspeaker below is medium and low frequency. 2.1 speakers are binary frequency, small speakers is high frequency is given priority to, subwoofer for bass, 2.1 speaker tenor is much less than 2.0, because it has no separate alto unit, but the benefit is 2.1, the bass is a single large diameter of the speaker, so its dive deeper, also lead to 2.1 sound easy out of the fruit. However, even if you use the 2.1 speakers, you won't feel the surround effect. As a result, high-end 2.0 speakers are also used in listening devices, and the hi-fi speakers are mostly 2.0 speakers.

2.0 speakers and 2.1 speakers of the most essential difference is that its frequency division point set, 2.0 speaker crossover point mostly around 2500 hz, due to the limit at 1280 hz vocals, therefore, is nearly two times higher frequency division point can be effective to control the distortion of frequency division point people imperceptible and general small power spectrum.

2.0 speakers when playback music to the considerable advantages, compared to 2.1 to set the frequency division point in the human ear is not easy to detect the benefits of high frequency, is the low frequency transition in a more natural, and the spectrum for the human ear, is very sensitive. So, by contrast, when you listen to music, you'll feel more natural than the 2.1 speakers.

Summed up

2.1 speakers and 2.0 speakers have different USES. In terms of price, the system is more suitable for mass consumers. At more than 500 yuan, the value of 2.0 comes out. Although 2.1 speakers have the advantage of strong function and appearance, they occupy a large market share in the market. But the 2.0 speaker occupies a small footprint, and it has an absolute advantage in the performance of music. From the action of the manufacturer, the application of all kinds of new technologies, and most of them are on the middle and end 2.0, which can be used as the foundation to enhance the influence of the brand. Therefore, the mid-end 2.0 speaker is the highlight of the multimedia active speakers. Believe 2.0 will return to market dominance.