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Fundamentals of the Wifi Speaker
Oct 06, 2017

The working principle of the bluetooth speaker is through the built-in bluetooth chip connected with mobile phones, computers and other equipment, mobile phones or computers play audio to speakers, to experience the process of encoding and decoding in the middle.

In the process of playing music, mobile phones and speakers are required to work together. The cell phone is the content library and continuously pushes the contents of the speakers. The speakers only decode and play the work. This brings up the following questions:

The speaker cannot be separated from the terminal device, such as mobile phone, iPad and other independent work.

The speakers took up the audio channels of the phone and stopped playing when they called.

In general, a mobile phone can only be pushed to one speaker at the same time, which is a single point of single point transmission, and cannot be one-to-many or one-to-one.

The bandwidth of the bluetooth, on the other hand, are generally in 3 megabits per second (bluetooth 4.0) the following, transmission speed is slow, cannot transfer files larger nondestructive music, plus the decoding process, caused the bluetooth speaker sound quality have always been a situation.

In terms of transmission distance, bluetooth tend to have a Class 1 and Class 2 both formats, bluetooth speakers are mostly USES the Class 2, the transmission distance between 8 to 30 meters, in the home environment, furniture, wall and other home appliances such as TV, microwave ovens for bluetooth obstacles and interference signal, so the actual transmission distance is in commonly 10 meters.

In contrast, wi-fi systems have fewer limitations on how they work. Wi-fi sound general built-in wi-fi module, audio access to local area network (LAN) through a router, connect devices like mobile phones, tablet and audio, mobile phone will transmit the sound file background address to sound, the processor, embedded in the audio from the cloud to download and play themselves. The terminal device is just a remote control for the stereo, which is responsible for "calling the shots" and then working independently of the stereo, so in theory, the content source of the wi-fi sound is infinite.

In transmission, the bandwidth of wi-fi is generally over 150 MBPS, faster transmission, stronger stability, and less external environmental interference. In addition, high bandwidth and faster transmission speed also enable wi-fi audio to achieve a one-to-many, multi-pair, or even multi-control experience, which greatly extends the use of sound.

At present, in the transmission of wi-fi, one of the most common solution is DLNA and AirPlay, the essence of the two plans are to use the wi-fi to connect to the same network equipment, audio manufacturers only need to add these two solutions in acoustics, the user can no threshold is used, is extremely convenient.